To Bilingual and ESL Teachers

Do you have any confusions at your school where you work?


“K.S Teacher’s Mind Support” has seminars and counseling for bilingual and foreign teachers who work at ESL, preschool, elementary school as bilingual, ASL and ESL teachers in Japan.


If you think…


*I’m confused by Japanese Manners

*I don’t know how to care for infants and toddlers

*I don’t know how to play with kids

*I want to learn basic practical Japanese.



Please contact us through the E-mail.


If you want to consult in person, please ask me to set up an interview.



We will have seminars with some specific theme. If you have any requests about theme, let us know.


Sample theme:

*Basic Practical Japanese

*How to make kids focus on teacher

*Japanese manners

*Basic child development



Instructor profile


Kumi Sanada (Ms.)








Educational Advisor (From infants to Elementary students)

Graduated from Shiraume Junior College with the Early Childcare Education license. After graduation, worked at a nursery school for seven years.

And after that, taught Japanese for two years in a kindergarten class at Japanese Language Institute in Richmond, BC.


Main career:

*Director assistant at an international preschool

*Supervisor for Franchise international preschools

*Area manager for after schools

*Curriculum and program coordinator

*Trainer for school managers


Certificate and license

*National Certificates for teaching in kindergarten

*National Certificates for childcare centers in Japan

*The Society for Testing English Proficiency Second Grade

*TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

*MFA (MEDIC First Aid)



Any confusions at your work in Japan?

Do you need any support about childcare in bilingual?

We support bilingual and ESL teachers who work at schools in Japan.


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